Three women taking a selfie in a mirror in a toilet with floral wallpaper

#TrachomaToiletSelfie Challenge

Take a toilet selfie to help tackle trachoma! Find out how to take part.

Why the Toilet?

Worldwide, over 115 million people are at risk of trachoma, despite the condition largely disappearing in most industrialised nations over half a century ago.

The disease thrives in areas of poor sanitation, robbing children and adults of their sight if left untreated.

Orbis distributed their 100 millionth dose of antibiotics to stop and slow the spread of trachoma in Ethiopia this year. But the condition will continue to threaten the sight of millions until we live in a world where clean water and toilets are available for all, not seen as a luxury.

How to Enter

To take part in the Orbis UK #TrachomaToiletSelfie challenge, simply take a selfie in a bathroom mirror*, head to Instagram, TikTok or Facebook and upload your photo with the hashtag #TrachomaToiletSelfie.

Don't forget to tag 2-3 friends and nominate them to also take part in the challenge.

Remember, every selfie contributes to the bigger picture of raising awareness about trachoma.

Happy pouting...

*No nudity please - let’s keep it sanitary!

Orbis' Mission

This campaign links toilet selfies to the bigger picture – that of achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6, which envisions safe sanitation and hygiene for all by 2030. The World Health Organisation aims for global trachoma elimination in the same year.

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Participating Venues

Explore the incredible venues doing their bit to help wipe away trachoma with the Orbis UK #TrachomaToiletSelfie Challenge.

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