In photos: How Honorine is living life again

Six weeks after a successful surgery on our Flying Eye Hospital to treat a painful cataract in her left eye, we paid a visit to grandmother-of-four Honorine, 60, in Yaoundé, Cameroon, to find out how she was getting on.

More about our first meeting with Honorine and her surgery on board our Flying Eye Hospital can be found here.

The pain Honorine felt after her operation went quickly. Now, she says that she has far more energy than before.

Honorine is grateful to Orbis and its supporters. She told us she prays Orbis will continue to change the lives of many people like her.

As well as tending to her small farm, Honorine also prepares a traditional meal - made with cassava leaves and peanut paste - which she sells by the roadside.

Of the 253 million visually impaired people worldwide, 80% are aged 50 years and older

(Source: Community Eye Health Journal)

The grandmother wakes up at 5am every morning. Before heading to work on her farm, she brings the whole family into the living room for morning prayers.

As well as having more energy, many people have told Honorine that she even looks younger since her surgery. She is also delighted to be able to read her bible again.

Honorine walks side by side with Mama Anne, who accompanied her during surgery on our Flying Eye Hospital.

Mama Anne helped look after Honorine when she could not see. She says they are “friends who became sisters.”

As well as regaining her independence, Honorine is able to see her four grandchildren again.

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