Patient stories: treating Moline, Cameroon, for cataracts

January 2018

Mama Moline is 58 and a grandmother of 12. She arrived at Yaoundé Central Hospital on the first day of the Flying Eye Hospital’s visit. Her vision was extremely limited.

Volunteer surgeon Dr Asim Sil examined her. He confirmed she had severe cataract in both eyes and would be a perfect case for surgery on the Flying Eye Hospital. Left untreated, he said, she would be completely blind in six months.

Mama Moline had surgery the next day on the plane and vision in one eye was completely restored. She was thrilled to see clearly the face of her son for the first time in years.

I can see clearly! And I’m so pleased that the training of local doctors means I can have my other eye done as part of the programme. I am very, very happy

Mama Moline

In the fight against avoidable blindness, every minute counts

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