Supporter Stories: Meet some of our Great Ethiopian Run Heroes | Orbis

Supporter Stories: Meet some of our Great Ethiopian Run Heroes

November 2018

To celebrate 20 years of working in Ethiopia, we will have some of our amazing supporters and corporate partners join us for this year’s Great Ethiopian Run.

The run, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday 18 November is likely to attract over 40,000 individuals and is Africa's biggest road race. Our runners will have the unique opportunity to see the impact of their support of Orbis UK by visiting some of our projects and partner hospitals in Southern Ethiopia.

Here are our runners on why they’re supporting us:

“It’s because of the incredible work that Orbis do around the world. It’s given me an incredible drive to overcome my greatest nemesis… running! After breaking my foot in two places this year, it also feels like a personal challenge and I couldn’t think of anyone better to run for than Orbis right now, especially during their 20th anniversary celebration. It is incredible.”

PHB Ethical Beauty's Metz and Sara

PHB Ethical Beauty has supported our work through its charity, The One Love Foundation, since 2015. This year they aim to raise £14,000 in support of our work. So far, they have raised over £8,000, with the run presenting an opportunity for this to be increased. John and Rose, PHB Ethical Beauty founders are proud to support Orbis UK and will also be joining us for the run.

Find out more about how PHB is supporting us

“I’m really proud to have been given the opportunity to do something amazing and I am looking forward to celebrating Orbis’s work in Ethiopia”

Dhiren from Santander UK

Dhiren has supported our work since 2014 and has so far raised an impressive £3,800 this year alone. Dhiren, who works at Santander UK, has been fantastic at getting his colleagues to support us with fundraising events such as bake sales (pictured).

Help Dhiren reach his target

Massive shout out to everybody that will be joining us for the run and to everyone who will be cheering our runners on!

Dhiren with some of his colleagues from Santander UK and Emma from Orbis UK