Help fund the Flying Eye Hospital with Eye Give

We are delighted to announce that we have launched our brand-new e-commerce platform - Eye Give. On Eye Give, you can purchase items which could help fund our Flying Eye Hospital and save people’s sight in some of the poorest parts of the world.

Give the Gift of Sight

The site lets you choose from a range of items, starting at just £5.50, that are used in our vital work on-board the Flying Eye Hospital and which contribute to our sight-saving mission.

Should you choose a pair of glasses, an essential surgery pack, or even a surgical instrument set – you can rest assured we’ll use your gift wherever the need is greatest to change lives. See below for an example of what your gift through Eye Give could achieve.

Eye Surgery for a Child

Every minute a child lives with an untreated eye condition, the more severe and permanent the damage could become - increasing the chance they will face a lifetime of blindness. With a gift of £77, you could help fund eye surgery for a child before it’s too late, giving them a brighter future.

Virtual Reality Headset

Every live surgery that takes place on board our Flying Eye Hospital is also recorded in 3D. For £200, we could donate VR goggles to partner hospitals during our Flying Eye Hospital programmes, so trainees can re-watch surgeries - experiencing almost the same view that the surgeon would through a microscope, long after the plane has gone.

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