Young boy has his eye screened in Jamaica

Our Jamaica Wrap-Up In Numbers

When you think of Jamaica, you might imagine clear waters, white sand and beautiful views. But did you know that many people in the Caribbean are suffering from treatable blinding conditions?

Our Flying Eye Hospital has been in Jamaica for the past 19 days, performing sight-saving operations and training local eye care teams – here’s what our supporters helped us achieve!

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Jamaica: Graphic shows it was our 8th trip to Jamaica

This is our Flying Eye Hospital’s eighth trip to Jamaica, but we’re no strangers to the Caribbean. This is our 25th visit, and our work has taken us to Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana and Haiti, too

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Jamaica: Graphic shows the plane flew over 2700 miles from Silicon Valley to Jamaica

The Flying Eye Hospital flew 2,754 miles from Silicon Valley to reach Jamaica! We clocked up the miles all for a good cause, to get our amazing volunteers, doctors and cutting-edge medical equipment to where we’re most needed.

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Jamaica: Graphic shows 1.1m people in the Caribbean suffer from vision loss

Over 1.1 million people suffer from vision loss in the Caribbean, with cataract being the cause in 50% of cases.

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Jamaica: Graphic shows there were 22 volunteers on the plane with 12 from the U.S.

Our mission team was made up of 22 inspiring volunteers from countries all around the world, and it included four people from the UK!

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Jamaica: Graphic shows there were 4 new volunteers on the trip

This was the first training project for Dr. Tom Neal, Dr. Bradford Lee, Dr. Andrea Shows and Dr. Cristina Bostan – welcome to the family!

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Jamaica: Graphic shows 87 operations were performed

We performed 87 operations, focusing on the most difficult cases, so we could share our skills with local eye care professionals. Now, they have the tools they need to perform more life-changing operations across the Caribbean

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Jamaica: Graphic shows Seymour the Bear gave 372 hugs

Operations can be scary for anyone – especially children who might not understand what’s happening. That’s why Seymour the bear was on hand to give out plenty of hugs!

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Jamaica: 44 local eye health professionals on the plane

Our onboard classroom sat 44 local eye health professionals, who benefitted from a series of lectures and live surgeries. Wherever our plane goes, our training leaves a lasting, sight-saving legacy

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital: 125 health professionals from across 54 countries tuned into our online telemedicine platform Cybersight

We might have been in Jamaica, but we broadcast live surgeries and lectures to 54 countries around the world via our online telemedicine platform, Cybersight! This means over 125 health professionals tuned in to improve their skills – taking valuable knowledge back to their communities.

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Jamaica: Fedex and Orbis have partnered for 37 years

FedEx have been transforming lives with Orbis and the Flying Eye Hospital for 37 years – what a brilliant team we make. Thank you for sponsoring our trip to Jamaica, FedEx!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our project in Jamaica a success – our generous supporters, our amazing partners and our brilliant and talented volunteers, too.

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