Leave a lasting legacy this Remember A Charity Week

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined over 200 other charities this Remember A Charity Week in encouraging our supporters to pass on something wonderful by leaving a gift in their Will.

Generous gifts from supporters in their Wills are vital in helping to save the sight of thousands of people every year. One such child whose life has been transformed is Tam from Vietnam (pictured).

By the time Tam was just five years old, he was already losing his sight to cataracts. His mother first discovered he was having problems when they visited the park together. She pointed out some pretty lights to him, but he couldn’t see them. Unlike the other children who were pointing and laughing, Tam was squinting and struggling to see.

Tam’s family took him to Binh Dinh Eye Hospital – where they were told that an Orbis-supported paediatric eye care programme was due to start delivering surgeries just a few weeks later, and not only would Tam receive the sight saving surgery he needed, but the family wouldn’t have to pay!

The surgery went well, and the Orbis trained ophthalmologist who checked Tam’s sight following his surgery was delighted, he told us: “[His vision is] very good, he can see faraway and near and he only needs to fix his glasses. Now he can study well, and he is able to get on with everything.”

By pledging to leave a gift in your Will to Orbis this Remember A Charity Week, you could help this vital work continue for many years to come and make sure more children like Tam receive the gift of sight.

Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity, commented:

Gifts in Wills now gen­er­ate over £3 bil­lion for good caus­es annu­al­ly. Remem­ber A Char­i­ty Week has grown year-on-year and I’m immense­ly proud that the 200-strong con­sor­tium is com­ing togeth­er to cel­e­brate the tenth year.

If you’re interested in leaving a gift in your will to Orbis and would like to discuss your plans further or receive a free booklet on legacy giving, please contact us on 020 7608 7260 or [email protected].

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