A young boy from India wearing glasses

Childhood blindness in India: Vignesh's story

By age 10 Vignesh had come to believe that he would always be blind. Remarkably, an eye screening that he nearly didn’t attend, surgery that took place just in time, and the loving kindness of Orbis supporters like you have dramatically changed the direction of this boy’s life.

Now, Vignesh is among the 1.6 million children in India whose opportunities and vision have been restored. Thanks to the loyalty and compassion of people like you, the work to help children like Vignesh continued even through the pandemic.

Nobody Thought Vignesh's Sight Could Be Saved

He was born with cataracts in both eyes. His worried parents took their baby to the local hospital, but there was nobody there who could perform eye surgery on children.

His story is not unusual in a country where there is a widespread shortage of paediatric ophthalmologists - specialist eye doctors who deal with children.

Other people in their community had gone permanently blind from cataract, and so Vignesh’s mom and dad believed this would also be their son’s fate. Still, they loved their boy no matter what.

Vignesh and his parents

Children like Vignesh face many barriers. Poverty, a lack of healthcare resources, and lack of knowledge can all prevent them receiving the care and support they need.

Sadly, it means a very large number of children go permanently blind from avoidable causes.

Hope in Sight for Vignesh

Latha, far right, with students at a school eye screening

Vignesh's fortunes took a dramatic turn when Orbis conducted an eye screening at his school, and an outreach worker called Latha noticed a cheerful boy with a serious eye condition.

Latha was determined to help him. She spoke gently with his parents, explaining that their son did not have to go blind. He could be helped.

They could hardly believe it. And, amazingly, just a few weeks before COVID-19 forced a lockdown, Vignesh had surgery to restore his sight at a hospital supported by Orbis.

For Vignesh, the Future Is Now Full of Possibilities

Despite the restrictions caused by COVID-19, Vignesh now has more freedom than he ever thought possible.

He can move around without needing someone to help him.

He can see the love in the faces of his mother and father.

His world, which had been closing in, has now opened up.

And it’s thanks to you that more children like Vignesh can get the sight-saving support they need!

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