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We recently celebrated our 20th anniversary working in Ethiopia. For the past two decades, we've been part of the international consortium leading the global effort to eliminate blinding trachoma, an infectious disease that disproportionately affects women.

Women are two-to-four times more likely to be affected by blinding trachoma compared to men. In collaboration with local partners, we have provided around 150,000 surgeries, among which 70% were for women and girls.

Orbis Ethiopia also works with Health Extension Workers and Health Development Army that are dedicated members of their communities that spread health education messages - particularly around the World Health Organisation's SAFE approach to help prevent infection.

Many Health Extension Workers and Health Development Army personnel are women and can speak with mothers, children and entire households to share important information around prevention as well as help distribute antibiotics which helps prevent trachoma.

Female Health Extension Workers are helping tackle the spread of trachoma in communities

We are dedicated to the fight for the elimination of trachoma and utilise a gender focused campaign to ensure those who are most at risk and affected, women and children, are prioritised.

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