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Artificial Intelligence and Eye Health – Orbis to present at Eyecare 2020

Orbis is delighted to be participating in Eyecare 2020 - the biggest conference and free exhibition for the optical industry in Scotland, taking place in Glasgow on the 19th and 20th January.

We will be presenting at a symposium and workshop on ‘AI and New Technology in Ophthalmology’, organised by our friends at Eye News magazine, in partnership with the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Dan Neely - a long-time Orbis medical volunteer and expert advisor - will be delivering a talk, via live feed from New York, titled: 'Lessons in AI: an International NGO Perspective'. Dr Neely will share our experiences of integrating AI capabilities into our award-winning online mentoring and training platform ‘Cybersight’, to support with the remote diagnosis of eye conditions.

Dr. Daniel Neely leading a Cybersight video consultation with an eye doctor in Syria

Professor Dan Neeley hosts a consultation via Cybersight

Through Cybersight, our expert volunteers teach and support eye care teams around the world using the latest advancements in internet and mobile technologies. Features include remote patient care consultations, one on one mentoring, live global teaching events (lectures, webinars, surgical demonstrations), and an open-access resource library with free online educational courses. In 2018 we trained more than 5,800 eye health professionals in 165 countries with Cybersight live teaching events. We also facilitated more than 2,100 patient consultations.

Daniel Neely is an ophthalmologist specialising in Paediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus at the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Midwest Eye Institute in Indianapolis, USA. He has been with Orbis as an expert medical volunteer since 2002, participating in over 20 Orbis programme weeks. He became involved with Cybersight in 2003, during which time he has answered over 1,300 consultations for ophthalmologists around the world.

Dr Daniel Neeley screening a young patient.

Professor Dan Neeley demonstrates a paediatric eye examination for trainees in Mongolia

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