40k steps for sight: Adi's London Marathon challenge for Orbis

It takes a person an average of 40,000 steps to complete a marathon. And this is what incredible Orbis fundraiser, Adi Marinelli, will be attempting on 3rd October as he takes on this year's Virgin Money London Marathon. We caught up with Adi to see how his training was going and to find out why he'd decided to run for Orbis.

How Did You Hear About Orbis?

"The Flying Eye Hospital. It's fair to say it stood out compared to other planes! I then learned more about the incredible work the charity do and instantly became a big fan.

Having grown up with someone who has suffered with visual impairments from a young age, I can relate to the challenges it can bring. Orbis are dedicated to helping people around the world in a similar situation and have transformed so many lives."

What Made You What to Fundraise for Us?

"This will be the second time I've fundraised for Orbis, having raised just over £200 for a Rough Runner event in 2019. I was really excited to learn that the company I worked for at the time had a charity partnership with Orbis and I'm incredibly grateful to be running the London Marathon for the charity this year.

I've always wanted to run the Marathon in London, it's a bucket list item for sure, yet I felt it had to be for the right reasons - Orbis and the work they do globally is the perfect reason!"

How Is Your Marathon Training Going?

"Erm in a word, terribly! It's honestly the hardest thing I've ever trained for. I'm a short distance runner. I've run multiple 5K - 10K events. I thought it would be easy, this is a whole other level. Early on I suffered with shin splints yet through strength exercising I was able to overcome this, although once I get to 20 miles it’s a pain game until the end.

Now I'm just preparing and experimenting with the right nutrition. I've had to learn the best carb intake ratio based on my weight, As another issue once you hit 20 miles is the energy tank in your body is EMPTY!! There is a lot of science to consider in running, it's incredible - a real life lesson. I could also write an essay on the mental battle, which is the hardest part of all. Yet it will all be worth it once I cross that finish line."

How Many Previous Marathons Have You Completed?

"Zero. Nada. None. It will be my first and last one! I'm going back to my 5k after this! :)"

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