“I can now be hopeful about my son’s future”

In the run up to Father’s Day this Sunday we are sharing the story of Hashem and his son Hubaib who live in Cox’s Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh.

After birth, Hubaib soon showed symptoms of problems with his vision, but his father didn’t know what was wrong or how to help. Hashem shares their story:

Discovering Something Was Wrong

“Hubaib is our only child. He was born in 2019, two years after we were forced to leave our home in Myanmar. We have been living here in the camp in Cox’s Bazar ever since.

“The birth of Hubaib was so joyful. But soon we noticed he was having problems with his vision.

“We visited many health centres but couldn’t get a definite diagnosis or any treatment. It made us worry as we didn’t have the money to travel into Cox’s Bazar or pay for treatment.”

Finding Help in the Camp

"They referred us straight to the Vision Centre in the camp. I was amazed to see this wonderful service, and relieved to get a diagnosis. Hubaib had congenital cataracts in both eyes and needed surgery. I had no way of paying for this treatment so I was relieved when I was told the surgery was going to be free of cost for us.

"The hospital team told us not to worry about our son. This problem could be overcome by surgery.

Sight-Saving Treatment and a Life Transformed

Hubaib received the sight-saving treatment he needed

“Now the sight in his left eye is restored and he can see clearly with his left eye. He needs further surgery on his right eye, but the team have told me not to worry as this will be covered too. 

“It is unbelievable that they could serve us everything for free including travel, accommodation, surgery, and medication! I feel so blessed.

“Thanks to this treatment I can now be hopeful about my son’s future.”

Orbis was one of the first organisations to integrate eye care services in Cox’s Bazar refugee camp. With your support we can continue to provide essential eye care services including screening, diagnosis, treatment and surgery to thousands of refugees in the camp free of charge.

This Father’s Day you too can give the gift of sight and transform the lives of more children and their fathers like Hubaib and Hashem.

Save sight and change lives this Father's Day

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