Ganga's new glasses are making a world of difference

16-year-old Ganga loves cooking, playing and reading with her older sister – but before an Orbis-funded school screening revealed she had high myopia, this enthusiastic young student found it difficult to see clearly enough to enjoy her hobbies.

Ganga goes to a mixed primary and secondary school, not far from the home where she lives with her family. She has always worked hard at school, sitting at the front of the classroom in most of her lessons – and not just because her high myopia diagnosis meant she was struggling to see the board.

Ganga's teacher

She used to take a long time in solv­ing maths prob­lems. She used to write randomly…
Ganga and her friends at school in Nepal

Ganga, wearing her new glasses, sits at the front of the class with her friends

When Orbis met Ganga to talk about how her new glasses have transformed her life, she was taking part in a mathematics class. She sat next to her friends, concentrating hard so as not to be distracted by the attention, before walking back to her family home to tell us about her experiences.

The first person Ganga confided in about the problems she had with her vision was her older sister Bimala. The two girls have a strong bond, and when Ganga told Bimala about the issues with her sight, Bimala knew her sister needed a check-up. So when the Orbis-funded REACH programme visited Ganga's school, it was Bimala who encouraged her sister to take part in the screening process.

Ganga with her older sister Bimala


Ganga's sister

Gan­ga was already shar­ing with me that she can­not look at the board and also can’t read small let­ters and I came to know that the screen­ing will be held at school. I also lat­er felt that it had become dif­fi­cult for her to deal with school.

After the school screening, Ganga was prescribed glasses. Now, she wears them all the time – she can fully participate in school and enjoy herself at home: reading, cooking and spending time with Bimala and the rest of her family.

Without her glasses life would be very different, and Ganga is so grateful to everyone who helped her.


Age 16

After receiv­ing glass­es, it has been eas­i­er for me to look at the board which was dif­fi­cult before and at home I can see far­ther things which is now easy… I want to thank all those peo­ple who have helped me get glass­es, I can now see properly.

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Boy With Tablet Nepal School Screening


A school screening in Nepal


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