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Our work in Mongolia

Orbis has been fighting avoidable blindness in Mongolia since 1989. The Flying Eye Hospital has made regular visits to Mongolia, and Orbis projects in particular focus on preventing child blindness.

Avoidable Blindness in Mongolia

In Mongolia, there are an estimated 340,000 people with vision loss. Of these, 15,000 people are blind.

Access to high quality, affordable eye care services are limited in both urban and rural areas.

Lack of equipment, training and infrastructure are major barriers to adequate care. As well as this, there is a need for a more comprehensive framework to treat children’s eye disease.

Sight loss disproportionately affects women, with women making up 57% of people living with blindness.

Saving Sight in Mongolia

Working with our partners and thanks to the help of supporters like you, Orbis hasve:

  • Trained hundreds of eye health professionals to screen for, diagnose and treat eye conditions in babies and children
  • Educated eye health professionals about retinopathy of prematurity and the use of important diagnostic tests such as the red reflex test
  • Supported five diabetic clinics to use retinal imaging to screen for diabetic retinopathy
  • Supported the establishment or improvement of four secondary hospitals, three tertiary hospitals and one training lab

Impact In 2022

What’s Next?

Orbis is working with partners to:

  • Train and increase the number of doctors to treat newborns with an eyesight condition
  • Improve screening and diagnosis of retinopathy of prematurity
  • Improve diabetic retinopathy care by strengthening collaboration between diabetes and ophthalmology clinics

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